Stranger Awareness – Anti Bullying – Self Defence for Children & Teens

Practical skills to help keep Children and Teens safe in an uncertain world. We deliver training in any school, educational organisation or clubs. Tailored to meet any need and delivered by fully cleared, insured and trained professionals.

Stranger Awareness

Child abduction by strangers is still a risk – According to latest research at the Child Abduction Hub, 42% of attempted and achieved child abductions are by strangers.Although this is still a small risk to children they need to be taught in a non scary way some simple techniques to help keep them safe while they are out playing.

See our Stranger Awareness page for more detail.

Anti Bullying

Children still face the possibility of bullying from other children. We offer role play based training to help deal with bullying in a fun and practical way that makes children feel more empowered in dealing with the issue.

Self Defence

A practical knowledge of self defence helps to ensure that children and teenagers can avoid problems if possible, if they can’t, then they have some effective methods to aid them out of a sticky situation.

Everything you need to help keep our kids safe in an uncertain world.

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